Every job surely comes with its own perks and challenges. As of 2017, there are a total of 10 jobs that are considered to be most stressful. Let’s get on to the countdown.

10. Broadcaster

Broadcaster and deadlines are two inseparable friends. As a result, they often have to work for prolonged hours too.

9. Taxi Driver

Next profession included in this list is the taxi driver. While being a driver is not as easy as you might think, what happens on the road can be similar to a war zone.

8. Public Relations Executive

Since there is constant pressure of meeting the public and working in a really fast paced industry, this job has securely been included in the number eight on the list of stressful jobs.

7. Senior Corporate Executive

As an executive on a senior level, it is always a guarantee that you will have to set a good example for your junior colleagues.

6. Newspaper Reporter

Not only they have to be ready for anything may happen on sites, they have to have an eye for details and speed in writing good articles for the newspaper they worked in.

5. Event Coordinator

Likewise, event coordinator has the constant stressful perk of meeting new people daily. They have to have good problem-solving skills too.

4. Police Officer

Fighting crimes and injustice can be life threatening. You have to be both mentally and physically tough to do the job.

3. Airline Pilot

Packed in a plane for a long time will surely make them have to do physical exercises regularly. Besides, you have to carry a lot of people and take them safely to their destinations.

2. Firefighter

They fight with fire, obviously. Due to the hazards it possesses, this one is an ultimately dangerous profession.

1. Military Personnel

Flying bullets, fighting in tanks, using grenades, and counter measuring terrorism acts. Need more explanation on why this job makes it to number one?