According to a recent study conducted by JobStreet and jobsDB, Asian Millennials reported an average workplace satisfaction of  5.6 based on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 corresponding to being ‘extremely happy’. Indonesians, to be specific, reported a 6.0 workplace satisfaction level – not indicating so much of a difference from millennials in other Asian countries.

Based on JobStreet’s survey, more than one-third of Indonesians born in early-mid-’90s claimed that they are unhappy with their job and that they are willing to resign and find potential opportunities elsewhere.

More than 20% of the respondents said that the incentives they have been receiving so far are not enough reason to make them stay in their current employment. Does this apply to you? Here are the top 10 surreal signs you are unhappy at work:

  1. You procrastinate
    “I’ll do it later. Maybe tomorrow. Ah, dang it! It’s not due ‘til next week, I need a break anyway.” And the cycle continues. Even worse, you only do it at the last possible moment and put a minimal effort on it.
  2. You’re worried about going to work
    “I don’t get enough sleep last night, maybe I should sleep in..”
  3. You’re really competitive about salary and titles
    “I should get paid a lot more for coming to work on time.”
  4. You do not feel like lending a hand
    “Nope. No, thanks. Not now. Maybe never.”
  5. Work days feel looooong
    “First things first, let’s count down the hours ‘til we can go home..”
  6. You have no friends at work
    “They’re mostly jerks anyway.”
  7. You do not care. About anything.
    “Cash is tight? Revenue going down? Meh..”
  8. You get annoyed with every little thing
    “Just don’t talk to me..”
  9. You’re suspicious of other people’s motives
    “What are they up to? Why are they always here?”
  10. Physical symptoms
    Studies show that when you’re unhappy at work, you’re more prone to experience physical stress symptoms such as insomnia, headache, and low energy.

Sounds familiar? How many of these apply to you in your current job?