You have this specific job in mind. You are fun, talented, and any company would be lucky to have you (not to mention those great achievements listed on your resume).

Question is, there are dozens of job seekers out there with the same qualifications as you, eyeing the same spot. So how can you stand out?

The answer would be to show a resume that will make your future employer go “WOW!”. Below are some quick tips to craft your resume and impress your interviewer.

Highlight your accomplishments

Want to Improve Your Resume? Here’s 4 Formulas on How to Do It

The job you are assigned to do is important, but employer cares more about what you did with those tasks. Highlight the impact you made.

If you’re working in sales, instead of simply stating who your clients were, be bold and state the number of revenue you have generated. If you’re a digital marketer, listing your capabilities is not enough — tell them about how you increase the site traffic and visitor engagement for the website.

It’s okay to be unique

Want to Improve Your Resume? Here’s 4 Formulas on How to Do It

Lots of people spend a ridiculous amount of time to make their resume look ‘normal’, that leads them into a generic resume with robotic words for the sake of being it. But you’re trying to give people a reason to notice you, take you to their consideration, and give you that highly-sought after job offer.

Stop worrying and let yourself shine. Got that brilliant idea of making a milk box-shaped resume for your product design application? Go for it. Or maybe an aesthetic resume for your graphic design job? That’s okay, too. Just make sure to make your resume short and concise.

Make it readable

Want to Improve Your Resume? Here’s 4 Formulas on How to Do It

It’s normal to showcase your skills, showing your future employer how amazing you are. But let me tell you a secret: the hiring manager’s attention span is short.

They scanned dozens, even hundreds of applications daily. You only have these milliseconds to get yourself noticed, your resume has to be short and concise. How?

  • One page only, two at most
  • List only relevant experiences that address the job requirements
  • Use bullet points for job descriptions, allocate 3 to 5 points each
  • Highlight your influential achievements
  • Use headers or footers
  • Include your summary statement or resume summary

Personalize your resume

Want to Improve Your Resume? Here’s 4 Formulas on How to Do It

You have to personalize your resume and cater them to get the job you want. Use industry-specific words in your resume. Research the common key phrase and terminology for your favored industry.

For example, if you’re aiming for a marketing position, you can use marketedachievedcreated (strong verbs) with social media campaigns, ATL, BTL, CPI, and CPA (industry terminologies).

Don’t downplay your achievement. If you worked for it, you deserve the credit. Using metrics also helps greatly to enhance your resume’s quality.

You are the main character, emphasize you.

So instead of saying “Helped in increasing the company’s revenue for Q1”, you can say “Generated the Q1 revenue by $2.000 within 4 months”. Employers want to know what you do, not what you sort of helped to do.

While writing a resume is not a rocket science, crafting a powerful one has never been easy. But if you give and extra care in crafting your applications, chances of getting your dream job is definitely higher.


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