If you’re reading this right now, you probably already know why you’re here. And you probably already know too, all the emphasis on the cool perks and crazy hours of working in a startup. Of course, it is fun – no joke, and just like any other jobs, it can sometimes be terrifying too. But, it’s definitely a great way to kick-start your career and make a bigger impact!

So here’s 5 surprising benefits that you probably didn’t know, of working in a startup:

  1. A unique growth opportunity, and a rapid professional development

Working at a startup offers a different type of reward: an incentive-based system that isn’t based on dollars (or rupiah), but rather in skills attained and opportunities seized. The experience will outweigh the pay cut, guaranteed! A large company might pay you more, but chances are you’ll be pigeonholed in only one area and your professional development will be exponentially slower.

  1. Learn to be frugal – and making the most of it!

Working at a startup probably means that money is tight – even when you’ve been showered with investor’s love, the company will still be thinking of ways to do more with less. You may apply as a designer, but you’ll end up learning how to code the blog too. This responsibility will undoubtedly bleed into your own life as well and your entire life will take on a meaning of creation!

  1. Your work will be recognized

At a startup, it’s nearly impossible not to notice a job well done or to give credit where credit is due. However, it’s also really easy to see when you’ve screwed up. This is a good thing though – first, you know you won’t slack off because the team will wonder why they are working harder than they have to. Second, you’ll learn to be a perfectionist and eliminate mistakes in order to avoid disappointing your colleagues.

  1. Awesome atmosphere and awesome boss

Entrepreneurs are defined by seeing a problem and thinking of an innovative and original way of addressing it. Because of this innovative nature, entrepreneurs are some of the best people to learn from. They approach problems differently, are constantly finding solutions, and are driven to make the most out of their time and work. See how awesome your potential boss is gonna be? Plus! You’ll wear jeans to work, you’ll have a (really cool) office party to celebrate successes, and your colleague will probably be good-looking. Wink.

  1. Do-or-die attitude

You’ll be given trust. Which also means that you and your small team are the only people responsible for your success. To be cut off from relying on others to provide for you will undoubtedly surface skills and a determination that you didn’t know you had. At a startup, that natural wish to be self-sustainable is magnified and multiplied, triggering the do-or-die attitude that is often the difference between success and failure.

And by all means – apply and try it out yourself, you’ll get an amazing opportunity and if not, at least you’ll meet a cool boss. Or – you can continue staying in your comfort zone and wait ‘til someone comes and spoon-feeds your paycheck. You choose!