The success of your business depends on the quality of your employees. Startups especially, know that one bad hire can ruin their entire team’s productivity. And the interview process is an opportunity to vet top talents. Even so, job interviews can be time consuming, fact-finding missions that don’t always yield the best results. Sometimes you find out six months later that you didn’t hire the person you thought you did.

We’ve listed five questions that you should ask during the hiring process that will identify high caliber talents.

  1. How often have you failed?

True achievers fail often. They simply have more experiences — they pick themselves up and shake it off quickly. They keep on going until they get as many failures as possible out of their system, until the only possible outcome is that they succeed.

  1. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

The answer to this question will tell you so much about them, how they view themselves and what they feel they have to offer.

  1. If you had to pick one single reason not to hire yourself, what would it be?

This is a tricky question, aiming to pick out the candidate’s least desirable aspect of themselves or their experience. It also forces them to pick something genuine and honest.

  1. What is most important to you in the world?

Here, you’ll begin to understand the drive behind this person, and in turn how you can empower and motivate them in the workplace.

  1. Are you usually the most intelligent person in the room or the least intelligent

Another tricky question. Top candidates will often tell you that the key to their success is how they have constantly surrounded themselves with much more intelligent people. Those who already see themselves as the smartest in the room may not be able to admit their faults, or have no interest in learning from people who may be cleverer.

This is not a comprehensive guide to job interviews, but these questions are key to separate the best candidates from the average Joe.