Tech jobs are booming (you may have heard?), and they are looking for people who aren’t only masters of their craft, but passionate about their work and their employer. Which might leave you wondering, how exactly do you get noticed in a crowded, motivated pool of talents? But fear not. Here we have sum up 8 life-changing tips to land you on your dream job!

  1. Prove you can hit the ground running, then learn along the way.
  1. Be ready to show off cross-disciplinary skill sets. Know how to nail the technical interview so you can show off exactly what you’re able to do, and make an effort to highlight some desirable soft skills that make you stand out from the competition.
  1. Be obsessed with the company and the field.
  1. Show you’re self-driven but can also play nice on a team. You’ll want to make sure to highlight the fact that you’re creative, a self-starter, and able to work in a fast-paced environment with a lot on your plate. Also, mention the people you collaborated with, and share feedback from your boss to show off your ‘team-playership’ too.
  1. Show passion for your work and your personal life. Let yourself get genuinely excited when talking about the job, and things you do outside of work. Let yourself geek out when talking through a particularly tough problem in the technical interview. Real enthusiasm is obvious — and energizing to hiring managers — so don’t feel like you need to stifle it in the name of being “professional.”
  1. Be specific about your successes and failures.
  1. Be just confident enough. The perfect candidate is confident, not only in what they already know but in their capacity to learn something new.
  1. Focus on your future and don’t worry too much about your past. Hiring managers are increasingly open to hiring great people, even if they don’t have exactly the background they expected. Talk about your transferrable skills, your adaptability, your past successes in a variety of fields, the cross-disciplinary thinking you bring to the table — and then lean into your varied past, knowing that you’re showing off the best of what you have to offer the company.