Working in the recruitment and human resources industry is such a challenge. To attract passive candidates is even harder.

You need to build your talent pool. Not just a talent pool but ones with stellar candidates. It’s fairly easy when you approach the active candidates, but how about the tiptoers and the passive candidates?

It’s not an easy job, we know.

That’s why we’re here to help you to attract passive candidates, read our tips below.

Source Passive Candidates Proactively

If you want to attract top talents, including the passive ones, you need to develop a suitable strategy. Here’s how:

  • Source them proactively through killer, enticing, and engaging job postings
  • Stay true to the job description (perks, benefits, or insurance)
  • Monitor your company’s social media accounts, passive candidates usually lurk there, engage them with (point 1)
  • Don’t dismiss the employees’ referral. This way you can source those who often reach out their personal network rather than seeking by themselves (Plus, it’s a great way to get the reference check!)

Brand Your Company

No one would take a job offer from companies with a bad reputation, no one. So ensure your company’s brand shine in a positive light in every media channel. It takes the time to tailor everything, but it’ll be worth it.

Give Them Insider Insights

If your company has a blog or newsletter, let the employees write some insights about the company, the working culture, or what they like about the company itself.

Then, let them share their insights through newsletter or blog post. Be sure to let the candidates know. Maintain consistent communication, be it through e-mail or the comment section.

Because people would believe the genuine review from employees rather than the marketing team.

Mine Your ATS and Keep Them Updated

The database is important? Always.

But too often, recruiters let their database go dry, busily sourcing the new ones and ignoring what they already have.

Don’t be one of them, mind your database. Do a cross-reference of what your past talents are doing right now. There are plenty of resources: LinkedIn, Jobstreet, and Pipl are great.

They might be reconsidering your old offer or whether you have the right skill set for the current positions you’re handling. Keep presenting them with opportunities.

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