Open space office settings in workplaces these days require us to have the ability to work well with others. Your ability to be productive when working with the team can also eventually advance your career. Therefore, you need to enhance your skills in networking and winning many friends in order to influence others and get a boost in your career. Here are several ways you can practice to win friends and influence management at work.

Observe and Listen to Others

Collect information on your memory of what works and what does not in the professional world of work by listening and observing to the more senior officers or managers. They can teach you how you should behave yourself professionally.

Smile and Be Empathetic

Smile when you face your colleagues. A smile on your face can make you look more approachable. Moreover, when talking to others, you should talk about topics others want and get from that person’s point of view and see things from his view as well as your own view.

Never Criticize Your Colleagues in Public

When you criticize others on the public, they will start to question your professionalism. It can eventually cause problems you might not want to happen and will drag your team performance down.

Be Good Team Player

You need to be supportive of your team. Put your team as a priority and help them with the best you can do for them. You are setting a good example for the others this way.

Alternate Between Orders and Suggestions

You have to let the others contribute their own ideas or do their own things for the team. As the manager, you can give suggestions instead of orders for the team as necessary. They will learn from mistakes eventually.

Always Be Friendly

No matter how angry the other person may be, you need to always be friendly. Resolve conflicts in peaceful ways with a smile. You will never know what amazing things that can happen.

Let Others Talk Themselves Out

It is human nature to like talking about their own selves more than they talk about others. Encourage them to do so and listen with full attention. They will loosen up and be open to you more in the end.

Praise and Be Happy for Others

All people want appreciation for their effort. Therefore, praise them genuinely. Avoid flattery and insincerity. Let them know that you respect them for all their contribution.

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