Social media are your mirror these days. These media will affect how people see you online including your potential employer. Therefore, you will probably need to be careful with your activities on these platforms if you do not want to jeopardize your career. Here are seven activities not to do on social media in order to maintain your career and help you getting a job if you have not got one at the moment. This list is applicable to all types of social media including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Posting Inappropriate Photos

Avoid posting photos that will show you as not professional. Photos of you using drugs or drinking will surely threaten your career prospect. Consider taking them out if you have posted it in your media before it is too late.

Demonstrating Poor Communications Skills

Posts on every social media that has many typos will definitely be funny to read. It can also make people think of you as uneducated. Moreover, you have to reconsider carefully before you start posting discriminative or offensive comments. Employers always shy away from these people on the media.

Inconsistency in Sharing Information

Here is an advice. You have to always be yourself online or offline. Sharing posts that show your character or unique character, but remember to always be consistent. Never try to be two different people at the same time.

Lying in The Data You Have Provided

You must fill out data as necessary with all honesty. Do not fake even the tiniest bit of the data you provide. This will only make it difficult for you later when an employer is finally interested in calling you for an interview.

Being Practically Invisible

This rule is applicable for those of you looking for a job. Put yourself out there online by giving comments or joining positive groups. This is to make easier for future employers to search you out. It is not wise to be timid when you are looking for a job.

Posting Contents on Working Hours

One very obvious thing to avoid at all costs when you use social media is to post contents constantly on working hours. It only shows that you are not disciplined or lazy as a professional.

Creating Bad First Impression Online

Please think of social media as your own website. It is one of the tools for employers to judge your qualities as a professional. Therefore, make a good first impression out of it.

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