Working can be done anywhere, including at home. However, there is also a high risk of remote working. One of the biggest obstacles in working from home is staying motivated to get the job done. Therefore, here are ten tips you can practice to keep yourself motivated to work from your home.

Creating Specific Work Schedule

It is similar to creating a to-do list for that particular day. This will help you to get a specific amount of work done because you have set an organized working schedule.

Avoid Working in Bed

Working in bed can actually make you feel lazy to work. You can work in other places as long as it is not a bed. You must be in bed only for sleeping not working.

Get Yourself A Reward

Getting yourself a reward for completing goals in your to-do list is a must. This will definitely get your motivation up again to finish more work in a day to earn more rewards in return.

Do Not Just Stay at Home

This is a special tip for extroverts especially. For introverts, maybe, they can handle working in a home for long period of time, but not for extroverts. Therefore, you have to get out of the house and heading some place where you can concentrate on working.

Manage Communication With Video

Communication can be an obstacle when you have to work from home with a job that demanded the constant need for this activity. There is, however, video technology. This way, your communication can be more effective because you can read other people’s faces.

Taking Necessary Rests

Working from home can also be a temptation for you to forget giving yourself time to rest. This is bad, especially if you work on jobs that required creativity. The trick is to get yourself a rest when you are getting stuck on what to create next.

Think About Reasons Why You Start Working

You need to take the time to think why you start working from home. Therefore, when you get lazy, you can always remind yourself of these reasons again.

Dress Up For Work

This one tip is a psychological trick. You need to dress up in other attire other than your pajamas in order to help you mentally ready to take on works instead of wearing your pajamas all day long.

Wake Up Early

Waking up early can actually help you focus as well as giving you more time to prepare for work. You should start early so that you can finish early.

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