Salary is one of the most determining factors for most people in considering whether or not they want to work for a certain company. The amount of salary one gets is still considered as one of the most prominent indications of success. However, how can you succeed in persuading your employer to give you the salary you want? Tricky thing, it is.

Research the Salary Range in the Industry

Doing a research before you negotiate is important. By having the knowledge of the favored salary range beforehand, you can negotiate more effectively with your employers. This step is a must do in order to achieve success for the salary negotiation you want.

Understand Your Overall Value to the Company

Remember to take into account your contributions in the past companies if you have them. An individual with a more versatile set of skills over the years will surely be valued highly. Therefore, understand your own value first before getting on to the negotiation.

Never Mention Your Previous Salary

It does not make sense to mention your previous salary in the interview and expect to get a little increase. If you want to achieve a big result, never mention your previous salary at all in the interview. You need to consider, instead, on what you can contribute to the company in the future. Make them understand that you have the potential the company needs to move forward when they hire you, and with the right salary amount too.

Be Confident in Yourself

Keep a steady and confident body language during the whole interview process. This is also important because your body language should go hand in hand with your confident words. You can practice your interviews with a friend or alone, in front of the mirror if you want. Body language is a crucial part to play in salary negotiation process.

Make Initial Salary Offers Before the Employers Do So

You should also try to make the first offer when it comes to salary negotiation. Never let yourself be afraid to make a high offer. There is a chance that your offer will be accepted by the employer. However, there will also be a chance that your salary offer will be rejected. Hence, prepare yourself for all possibilities that may happen in the process.

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