Are you a foreigner looking for a new job? Or perhaps interested in being one of those expatriates who works overseas?

Do you unconsciously nod while reading the text above?

If the answer ‘yes’ resonates in your mind, you are probably considering to pursue a career outside your hometown. But then realization comes and it overwhelms you that there are 196 countries in the world today. Which one to choose?

With this post, we’re going to break down why Indonesia is one of the best options that expats could choose as their working environment.

A Place to Build Connections

Southeast Asia is made of diverse, multi-cultural people. Indonesia, in particular, has 34 provinces under its territory. Each territory possesses its own distinct traits. We have over than 300 ethnics dispersed across Sabang to Merauke, based on 2016 BPS census, we have approximately 1.340 clans nationwide. Conclusively, we are the melting pot of cultures.

Hence why we are one of the most conducive environments to build connections. Be it personal or professional. This is also backed by our geographical location as a transcontinental country.

Because of our country’s diversity, our parents taught us to put ourselves in the shoes of others. Then we learned how to empathize. In the workforce, this emphatic tendency leads us to think a win-win solution in collaboration. Because we care about building a meaningful connection that goes beyond a handshake.

Accordingly, expatriates can expect our welcoming hands. Because we regard equality and harmony above anything else.

How Much Do Expats in Jakarta Save?

Like any other jobs, how much you earn and what benefits you will get depends on your level of expertise. Every industry has their own standards, thus, salaries can vary greatly.

Typically these companies (especially corporations) hire expatriates for C-level positions or senior technical roles with salaries ranging from USD$10,000-20,000. Along with this come several benefits such as housing, schooling, and utility allowances. Some companies even provide cars (with the driver) for expatriates. Read here for more info.

However, there are foreigners who only get paid as much as USD$500 each month. So the company you will work for plays a crucial role in this. Your employer has to pay to sponsor your work visa, too.

Before packing your luggage and applying to companies as an expat, you should do a throughout research about the company’s policies. Then, make sure that the culture will suit you best.

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