Failure is harsh. Everyone can experience failure in their life including in their career like when you failed a job offer or getting rejected after completed rounds of interview. However, failure is not the end of the world. You can still bounce back and get on track again to resume your career pursuit. Here are several things which you can still do when you have just failed a job offer coming your way.

Allow Yourself Time to Heal

Failing a job offer can be a devastating experience. Therefore, take your time to heal from the wound. You can get support from family and relatives letting your negative emotions out through other channels such as writing a diary or creating something creative to distract yourself from the bad memory.

Learn on What You Can Change Next Time

Failure is one way to make progress. Take this as a lesson which can improve your knowledge on what not to do to avoid another failure next time you get the same chance for another interview with a different job offer.

Let Go of Things You Cannot Change

The causes for your failure at certain job offer may be factors that you cannot control such as the politics of the company or someone wanted an internal promotion. Learn to acknowledge these factors and let go of what you cannot control.

Inform the Employer for What Went Wrong

You can also explain what you have done wrong during the interview in a follow-up thank you note to the employer later. This can eventually make a difference. Remember to always keep a positive impression of yourself at all times.

Reflect and Forgive Yourself

The most difficult part of accepting a failure is forgiving yourself for it. However, this is probably the most crucial step you need to take to remain positive and arm yourself for better future career endeavors.

Get Back on the Job Hunt

After you have completely got your confidence back, it is time to start the job search once again. You can also use this chance to break down points to help discover what it is that you really want to do for work or maybe pursuing your other dreams.

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