Hiring the right people is one of the fundamental keys that determines your business’ success. While the right talent could help you in elevating your business, a bad hire, on the other hand, is downright destructive.

This post is a small note to help passionate entrepreneurs (you) in hiring the right people for your business, and avoid painful (also costly) mistakes.

Assess the role

Start by assessing the role, make a list of qualities and requirements you want in a hire. Craft the job descriptions carefully for each position.

Ensure that each point you write reflects the responsibilities and requirements clearly. This includes academic background, work experiences, or specific skill sets and industry knowledge needed for the position.

Look beyond the paper

Tips on Hiring the Right People for Your Business

The first step in hiring the right people, to most people, is often to examine their CV. However, unbeknownst to many that these candidates — whose resume is adorned with renowned colleges and remarkable GPAs, may not be the best person for the job.

Give them a chance. We all know (but not everyone wants to admit) that skills are all that matter in the workforce. Fortunately, more and more Gen-Y, especially young founders, start to adopt this mindset.
Does the person’s value align with yours? The character is one vital part that’s often overlooked.

Thus, instead of scrutinizing candidates with dim resume, you should consider their value-add skills, projects, and work experiences. Let them open up to you about their goals, mission, and passion in the interview session.

You’ll never know when you’ll find a diamond in the rough.

Consider the skills

You might find this unique talent — with a breadth of knowledge from different industries. People with colorful experience like this might become a great value for your company. Why?

This can be seized by tackling various roles of one’s interest, hence named as a colorful experience. Often, they are those who thrive on learning. The best person with significant contributions and fresh ideas may not have the degree or titles that are usually required.

Hiring the right people may take extra effort and exhaust you, but it will definitely beneficial in the long run. That is exactly why EKRUT exists, we’re here to simplify the recruiting process to help you find high-quality talents faster. Waste no time and let us help you now!

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