Engineers are in high demand these days. Many companies, especially tech-based companies, find themselves having a difficult time finding the best candidates to fill positions requiring engineers. There are, at least, four reasons why this phenomenon may arise in the professional engineering world.

First, there is a lack of applicants

There is just not enough number of engineers who apply for jobs accordingly with their title.

Secondly, the skills required for the job is hard to find in many candidates

Being an engineer requires key abilities including:

  1. Having sufficient knowledge of what the business wants to achieve
  2. Being able to balance between pragmatism and perfectionism
  3. Possessing a good deal of skepticism
  1. Having no aversion to debugging and bug fixing tasks
  2. Ability to clearly communicate complex ideas to other team members

Third, many candidates demand high salaries

Many companies are having doubts about the worth of their investment in many candidates because they also demand high salaries. However, as mentioned before, they may not possess quite the right skills to match up with this one demand.

Lastly, there is little opportunity to grow.

From the point of view of the candidates, many of them often find themselves little opportunity to grow in some companies as engineers. They do not often find companies that are generous enough to let their engineers have access to educational seminars or events to enhance their skills.

Therefore, the question which still remains is: How can we hire the best engineers to solve the problem?

Here are several practical tips which you can try to lure out and grab some of the best engineers you can find out there on the job market.

Forget That List of School Degrees is Really Fundamental

Possessing good amount of degrees from top universities may be great to hear. However, hiring and forming a solid engineering team is not always about degrees. There are some engineers who are more qualified and experienced that lacks great school degrees. Focus instead on their potential for being a good team player because the engineer will almost always work in a team.

Talking About Projects May Not Seem Really Important Anymore

Introverts often make for the best engineers. However, introverts may not be a good talker during the interview to talk about their projects to make it very interesting. Many introverts focus on doing and listening. These are their best qualities. You definitely want people you can manage and are great team players when it comes to engineers.

Focus on Candidate’s Potential Merits Rather Than Past Hires History

You cannot expect a good engineer just because he has worked well in previous workplaces. When it comes to hiring engineers, focus on the merits of the individual rather than the history of hires he has accomplished.

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