Rejection is something really hurtful that can happen to anyone and in any situations including in a job search process. When you get invited for interviews, maybe you think that you can always land yourself the job. However, you keep getting rejected over and over again. You start to think that there is something wrong with you. You wonder why you cannot get that certain position you want. There are, at least, eight reasons why you get rejected after the interview.

The Company Has Budget Issues

The company that posted the job may have a difficulty in funding the position. Therefore, they decide to drop the job and not hiring anyone for the position anymore. This has nothing to do with your qualities as a professional.

You Do Not Prepare Well for Interview

Prepare your interview well. You have to arrive on time, dress properly, and respect your interviewer during the discussion by focusing your full attention on him or her.

The Company Has Hired Someone Else

The employer decides to pick someone who has been working for the company since the company is sure. They want to hire the person who is a good employee. They also wanted to promote him for a change because they already get the picture on how this person worked.

Chemistry is Not There

This is probably one mysterious factor in deciding who actually gets the job. Whether or not you are a good fit for the company or not may depend on this factor.

You Have Incomplete CV

One important thing to remember when you create CV is that you have to write down all the necessary and related information about yourself, especially your job experience. Be concise with the details on this.

Enthusiasm for the Job Is Not There

Your employer will sense whether you are enthusiastic enough for the job. As a result, they will logically hire people whom they think will devote most of their energy to the position offered.

Having Inside Contact is Important

Network is power. The employer will most likely think positively about hiring you when you have someone or some people you know working for the company. They can say positive things about you to the employer. Therefore, think about having one if you have not.

Don’t Be Overly Confident

Mind your body language or your intonation when you speak. Furthermore, avoid being overconfident or the employer may think that you are arrogant and not hiring you for the job at the end.

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