Productive working hours is important, it serves as a measurement whether you’re creating something valuable or not. And as we all know, value-add tasks always lead to good things, be it in your job or personal life.

But sometimes life knocks you down the hill and you’re dead tired of everything. No matter how hard you seem to keep up with working productively, it fails successfully. So, how to make your day full of productive working hours, even though you are burned out? Here are a few tips:

Plan Your Day Ahead

Plan your day the night before, create a to-do list of what do you should do at work the next day and focus on that. Not only you’ll be able to respond to urgent requests immediately, you’ll find yourself keeping your main duties on track.

How To Make the Most of Productive Working Hours?

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

This is such an important step people often overlook. Eating a proper breakfast is important to keep yourself energized and eating a proper meal in the morning helps to boost your mood throughout the day.

You don’t need a fancy one, a sandwich with ham, cheese, and tomatoes, in addition to a glass of milk will do.


How To Make the Most of Productive Working Hours?

Get up a little earlier and meditate for at least 10 minutes. Visualize your day and the tasks you need to do at that day in the third person point of view. That way, you’ll be able to plan your approach to the job carefully. Even more, you could even reduce the time you need for a task as you find a better way to reduce them through a relaxed mind.

Turn Off Pop Notifications

Ignore your incoming emails and messages for an hour or two and see how much productive you’ll become. You will start to focus on only your work and free from unimportant distraction such as e-mail newsletter or social media reminder. Schedule a 2 or 3 hours interval where you will check the notifications.

Also, set your phone into ‘isolation mode’ where only important calls and messages could pass through.

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