Working a job you love is surely a thing that almost everyone wants to have. Work and life have to supposedly be balanced. However, sometimes there are some conditions where you get stuck in a job that is really draining you out or is toxic for you without you realizing it. Therefore, here are some of the apparent signs that you are stuck in a toxic job that you should soon realize and take care of.

You Prioritize Your Colleagues Over Your Family

You start to prioritize your colleagues and constantly cutting off family time. When this happens you should definitely think again about working there. Work life and private life should be balanced at all costs. What is the point of working if you cannot have time for your own life?

Bad Communications Between Divisions

Your workplace may have bad communication problems. Misunderstanding or clash between employees and managers can be one example. When you see this sign one too many times, it might be wise to consider taking other jobs.

Sleeping Problem Starts to Haunt You

Work can be stressful. However, when that stress at work has made you constantly having trouble sleeping every night, you need to quit. Jobs should make you feel alive every single day. Never sacrifice your health for a job. It is not worth it.

Making Your Work Space More Homey

You may be enjoying your job a lot that you do not want to leave the workplace. Hence, you start to make a camp around your work space. You perhaps even store food for the week in the fridge (if your workplace does have one). Always leave the office on time. Working is a continuous process. It will never end. Be wise.

You Cannot Put Off Work Matters From Your Mind

Another sign that your work has started to poison you is when you think about work all the time. You constantly mind about the schedules you have set for your work. Hence, you can never be fully attentive to your own life. This is also bad for your health. Leave a job that is so demanding like this one.

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