Salary is what you are normally looking for in a job. However, salary is a very tricky thing to discuss when you want to get to the amount you want, especially when you have just started your first career or moving to a different industry. However, there are nine tips you can try to practice when you are facing an interview and has the chance to negotiate salary.

Study About The Salary Information

In order to negotiate on salary, first things first, you have to know the range of the salary for similar positions in the market. Therefore, it is important to get as much information as you can about salary before facing an interview.

Identify Your Own Strengths

It is also crucial for you to know your own strengths before you negotiate salary with the employer. By knowing your own strengths, you can eventually be confident about yourself in salary discussion.

Do Not Lie About Your Current Salary

You obviously do not want to start your new career with a lie. The employer will always know through many ways to notice whether or not you are lying about your current salary information.

Keep Quiet Until You Get Chance to Negotiate

One golden rule in negotiating salary is to keep quiet until you get the chance to finally negotiate your salary. However, when salary is the first subject in the interview, you can mention about salary in your last sentence.

Ask Within Salary Range

When it comes to negotiation, you have to always ask for a salary range. Your amount should fall within the agreeable range for the position in the market.

Offer Odd Precise Number

When you provide the employer with a precise number of salary such as USD 68.750 instead of USD 70.000, the employer will think that you have managed good research and also get you a good starting point in the salary discussion.

Understand Job Requirements

The salary you want must be equal, if not more than the responsibility you have to take later when you have actually get the job. However, it is advisory that you should not accept underpaid jobs.

Determine Your Bottom Line

Aside from deciding the right salary range you can get, you have to also determine the lowest amount of salary you can still accept. Write the reasons why you do not accept the lower number.

Play It Cool

Most important of all is to play it all cool. You do not want to look desperate for getting the job and losing with other candidates in the end.

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