Working at an office, especially a big corporation can get really nasty when there are politics going on. These politics are, often times, the root of toxic working environment. It will never be a healthy work situation when your employees start to apply dirty tricks to make themselves noticed by the higher-ups. However, there are several things that leaders or managers can do to prevent office politics before it starts.

Create Transparent Communication System

Big corporations often use the very hierarchical approach in their management system. This can make it difficult to create an open communication system. Be more like a startup. A startup is almost always really open about the communication with all the employees. The company is still relatively small, therefore, there is no point in hiding secrets from the employees.

Treat Employee Education and Mentorship Seriously

Employees will be happy when they know that they can learn more things through working with you as the manager. An educated employee is better than an employee who does not have the freedom to learn new things. Let them discover more skills through their work. They are not robots. When you treat them like robots, they will start to behave suspiciously toward work.

Hire Great Team Players

Hiring is the most important thing to get done carefully when you want to make a healthy company culture. Take your time when you need to hire new employees. Checking their background information or network connections can also be helpful. The company who has great team players is less likely to stem dirty office politics.

Foster Good Relationship in The Team

No matter how you look at it, teamwork is built over time. Therefore, build a positive relationship with your employees as their manager. You can be genuinely caring about them if you know how. You can read another article on how to be a caring manager.

Fire People Wisely

Sometimes you need to fire people to keep your team and workplace healthy from any politics. However, when you decide to fire individuals that you think are toxic, you need to do it wisely. Give these employees a severance package or referral until you are sure that they can get another job with these packages. This is the last resort when you feel like you can never change the employee for the better.

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