“Small things matter”, or so people said. But there is a reason why this particular phrase has been said countless times in almost every context.

It’s true.

Whether you’re a student, a fresh graduate, or a professional currently pursuing your career, small things you do will define you. Be it your gestures, the things you said, or how you carry yourself. These tidbits seem simple and are often overlooked, but it shows people who you really are as a person.

Therefore, you should be careful on how you want others to perceive you. Here are 7 quick tips on things you should never do at work:


Do or Not to Do? 7 Things You Should Never Do at Work

You can whine all you want to your friends and family, but different rules apply in the workplace. It’s fine if your ‘complaints’ are constructive criticisms that can improve your organization’s quality. Immature whining, however, is a whole different story.

Being self-centered

When you’re in a professional environment, you’re bound to work with others to get things done. Like it or not, our actions impact others, so being inconsiderate and following your ego is something you should avoid.

Gossiping at work

Do or Not to Do? 7 Things You Should Never Do at Work

Spreading false, deceitful information is never a good thing. No matter how juicy it is, or if the information turns out to be true. Gossiping can ruin your personal relationships and even your career.


Do or Not to Do? 7 Things You Should Never Do at Work

People tend to exaggerate themselves, most often to impress others. But lies, big or small, can bite you back in the end. So we need to stay true and tell our credentials as they are.

Borrowing things permanently

Do or Not to Do? 7 Things You Should Never Do at Work

Your company doesn’t owe you anything. You might think post-its, pens, or erasers don’t matter because they’re small things. Keep in mind that borrowing things permanently a.k.a stealing is illegal. Put them back where they belong.

Blaming others

We are innately wired to avoid troubles, we all want to look good. But blaming someone for your mistakes is never an option. Furthermore, it’s unprofessional and very childish. So keep your chin high, embrace your mistakes, and learn from it. (Guess what? Admitting your wrongdoings and learning from them will make others perceive you positively!)

Being judgmental

Do or Not to Do? 7 Things You Should Never Do at Work

Every organization is made up of people from different backgrounds, and each of them has different ways of thinking.

Hence why you should consider not to jump on the hate bandwagon so quick when you hear their fallacious arguments or when you see their outlandish fashion sense.

Pointing them outright will create unnecessary drama, so hold it tight, they may be the best co-workers (or even friends) when you get to know them better. Who knows?

It’s important to show your employer how amazing you are because you have a valuable career capital, but what will happen if you have a great personality, to boot? Be prepared with continuous career advancement.


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