There comes a time in our lives when we thought about quitting from our job. However, some people may do this tricky thing recklessly and end up leaving a bad impression for the current employer. In this article, there are several tips for you who want to consider about resigning from your current job and how to do it with the class to leave a positive impression on the current employer.

Give Two Weeks Notice

This is a universal tip in the career world. You have to adhere to this golden rule anywhere you go to work. This not only gives time for the current employer to prepare for your substitute but can also retain your dignity as a good employee.

Think of A Solid Reason to Quit

You have to think of a really solid reason before you decide to finally resign. A job is like a relationship. Do not think that by taking resignation, you are free from trouble. There is no guarantee for it with your next job. Therefore, find a good reason why you should quit now.

Stay Positive

As a good employee, you should always stay positive at all times. If the reason you quit is because you have the bad boss, write him good and simple resignation letter. Bear in mind that you cannot go on too personal discussions with your manager on this. Keep it professional.

Help the Company in the Transition Process

During the given two weeks notice, you have to help your current employer managing the business, at least, until you are sure that they have found the right fit as your replacement. If you do this, you will have the lasting good impression with your current employer as a very responsible employee.

Do Not Leave Any History on Computer

It seems trivial, but still very important. Your computer should always remain clean when you decide to leave any company or else they can track your activities during the working hours you spent with them all these years. If the ‘investigation” result is negative, it will come back to haunt you.

Ask for Details

Get all the information you need about the salary and benefits you can get when you leave from the human resources department. You surely need to manage the health insurance program as well as other necessary contracts with your current employer to make it all clear before you go.

Avoid Bragging About Your New Job

You do not want people to label you as arrogant and make them hate you for it. It is that simple.

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