Choosing a career is like choosing a wife. You need to consider many things before you finally decide to pick your choice on one specific career path and a certain company. Some people may choose to work for a fast-growing company. However, working for a fast growing company may be different from working in an already established company. Therefore, here are several things you should definitely consider before joining a fast growing company or what you may know as a startup.

Consider What Stage the Company is At

Think carefully at what stage that the company is at the moment before you join. A startup company that has just begun its operation with no track records is very risky to join. It is better for you to join a small company with an already established database (even if the database is still small).

Research the Business Growth Possibility

There are a lot going on in the startup industry especially the technology industry. You need to do some research to get to know whether the business that the company chooses to develop will have constant growth prospect in the long run. Pick wisely.

Be Ready to Change Your Mindset

In a startup, the work pace is definitely fast. The management is also lean and less hierarchical. You will be pushed to learn more this way. If you are used to working only for big corporations, better be ready to change your mindset and adapt to the way startup operates.

Risk is the Name of the Game

Startups or small organizations often require you to produce work quickly and efficiently with limited resources. Working in a startup can also challenge you to be more independent in decision making, especially when you are entrusted with leading small teams. Your decisions in a startup will often make considerable impacts for the company. Are you up to this challenge?

Get to Know the Investors Better

Startups are small companies that get support from angel investors. However, not every startup is lucky enough to be backed by strong angel investors. Consider working for a startup with investors that have solid track record or history about their prior investments.

Proactive Personality is a Must

Working for a startup will demand you to be proactive. You will learn more things quickly at a startup because you will often have to be an efficient problem solver on your own. Do you have this kind of proactive behavior to shine at a startup? If the answer is yes, you should definitely try working at one.

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