It’s a given fact that every startup wants to grow, and attracting top talents becomes one of the most crucial parts. In order to expand their business and enhance their entrepreneurial journey, co-founders craft excellent pitching strategy to impress their investors. They then get a respectable sum of funding to get the business rolling.

Then come the challenging part: how do to attract top talent(s) to your company or startup?

This serves as a piece of thought to help you attract, find, and keep talented people.

Sell Your Brand and Mission

To attract top talents, you need to ensure these job seekers are fully aware of your company’s brand and mission.

What drives you? What impacts do you want to give to the industry? Highlight what sets you apart from the other competitors. Make sure your social media platforms reflect your company’s brand.

Attract Top Talent by the Right Job Ads

Craft the job descriptions clearly, don’t mislead them by complex wordings. State the job duties, company’s culture, career advancement, and list every benefit/incentive as true as they are. Hires who learn about the different, less appealing job aspects after they start the job will feel misled.

This could lead to under-performance (or worse, resignation letter).

Attract Top Talent, Not Qualified Talent(s)

You want to attract the best fit for the job, and as we discussed here before, it’s always a good thing having employees with respectable alma mater and impressive GPA. But is it necessary? Do they have the quality you’re looking for?

Give Them Workplace Flexibility

Ways to Attract Top Talent to Your Company (and Startup!)

To attract top talent(s) means to empower them, this includes flexible working hours, dress code, even remote working.

Every individual has their own working style. Empowering the style that works best for them, basically accommodating them for a healthy work-life balance, could keep your talents in the long-run.

Let Them Grow

It’s about giving and taking. In entrepreneurship, specifically, you have to pay in advance. 
To attract top talent(s) and keeping them in your company, you have to offer them opportunities to grow internally.


Talented people are highly ambitious, most of them knew what they want to accomplish and they will stay with you if they believe you can take them there.

Introduce them to the industry, to the bits they’re interested with. Encourage them for professional growth, coach them. That way, slowly but surely, they’ll develop ownership to your brand.

Help them find mentors and new connections. Empower them in self-actualization, including career advancement.
The little things you do for them will grow, and it’ll reward you with excellent performance, innovations, and certainly, profit.

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