In an interview, there are so many questions asked by an interviewer to assess your overall aspects as an individual who can or cannot qualify to be hired for a certain position. You may get confused on how to answer some of these questions because they are tricky. One of these tricky questions being this question: “Where Do You See Yourself Five Years From Now?” Therefore, how can you answer this particular question?

Researching and Outlining the Career Path Beforehand

Make a thorough research before you face the interview and responding to this question. Some companies will list a big picture of the career outline for the position you apply on their websites. However, when the websites do not contain that information, you can look at similar positions at some other companies to get a glimpse of the career path. This kind of knowledge is important for you to have. You can use this information to respond to the interview question with dignity and credibility. On top of that, you can explain how your skills can make you a perfect fit to do the job in the long run.

Begin By Explaining Your Interest in That Position

When you have to answer this question, begin by stating your interest about the position. Explain to your interviewer how passionate you are about mastering the position before moving on to the higher position possible within the career path of that position. Remember to use the information you have researched beforehand to make your answer sound more elaborate.

Emphasize on Mastery When There is No Clear Career Path

Some positions may not have a clear career path you can climb. When this is the case, you can emphasize your answer on how you want to be the master in the position as a goal for your future self in five years from now. You can also explain to the interviewer about components of the job in which you can be excellent in.

State Goals or Results You Can Bring to the Table

Another way to answer the interview question is by explaining what impacts or results you can bring to the company when you are hired for the job. Relate this answer to the skills you have as well as your interest to make an elaborate and credible answer. The point is to be yourself in answering it because some employers can smell whether you are honest or not with the answer you give.

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