Doing a job that you love can be a blessing. However, there are times when you feel like you can no longer feel motivated to do the one activity that you do now on a daily basis. You have probably tried to carry on with your job for so long because you have your reasons. There are actually ten signs that you can see to know whether you have to change your job or not.

You Feel Lazy for Work Every Single Morning

It is clear, when you feel lazy for work every day for a long time, maybe it is time to finally look for a new job.

Do Not Like Your Colleagues or Boss

You can still try to work with them, but then you know that you cannot fix them. You still dislike them. Quit fast.

The Stress Level Start Affecting Your Health

Work always has certain stress. However, this time, the stress level is way too high and start consuming your health. Consider this sign seriously.

Work Load and Pay is Not Balanced

It is a must to have a decent pay when your responsibilities are so many. There is no reason to stay put with work that does not pay well.

There is No More Professional Growth

Skills that you get when you work at the current company are no longer expanded or growing after a while.

Personal Values You Held Does Not Match

It is important to have your own values or visions to help you navigate through your career growth. When you feel like your values conflicted with what you are doing now, why continue?

Do Not Have Any Voices in Company

The company never heard your ideas or even try to implement them. Therefore, you are left alone feeling like a robot or work slave. Choose other options.

No Recognition from Employer

A person’s motivation can come from being recognized. It is the same for work. You are not motivated to work because you are never or seldom get recognitions for what you have contributed to the company.

Family or Relatives Always Knows

Sometimes your family and relatives know when you do not like your job. They may get bored with your constant complaints about your job. Think of an alternative.

The Company is Going Lower and Lower

Abandon the company because there is no reason to stay at a company that is sinking down before the worst may happen in the near future.

These are ten signs you should change your job. Consider this seriously when you see them start happening to you.