Recently, LinkedIn released a list (  of 40 companies that attract the top talent. LinkedIn examined the actions of the site’s more than 433 million members to rank the top companies where people want to work. The top 10 companies amongst the list, are – Google, Salesforce, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, Microsoft, Tesla, Twitter and Airbnb. As it turns out, they all have a few things in common that make candidates want to work for them, and most of these things involve their approach to their people.

Here’s what these companies are doing right, and how you can apply these techniques in your company:

  1. Be passionate about your employees

Talents want to work for a company that they’re passionate about, but they also want a company that’s passionate about them. The coveted companies on the list invest in their talents and usually offers some kind of perks that ago way beyond usual benefit plans. Google, goes above and beyond making its employees feel taken care of, not just while they work now, but also in the event that an employee dies.

  1. Creating simpler organizational structures

There’s little correlation between a company’s size and its appeal to talents – except perhaps conversely. More people means more coordination and communication challenges. Top attractors stick to a decentralized structure, allowing units to operate independently.

  1. Create schedules and workplaces that offer ultimate flexibility

Offer the possibility for a healthy balance between work and their personal life. For instance, by allowing working longer hours fewer days a week, or simply working from home.

Essentially, the companies who top the charts seem to reflect what so many of us feel in our bones just by living and working in today’s ever-changing and uncertain economy: people are hungry for jobs that give them meaning, purpose, and a future. At a time when no career can really be planned and no job is ever really secure, we seek opportunities that are the most likely to offer immediate impact, an energizing culture, and a valuable credential.