A workplace is a place packed with people with different characters. There are people with bad traits who will treat you in inappropriate ways. This is called harassment at work. Harassment can come in many forms. However, often times, it is sexual. You will need to teach some people good lessons. Here are several tips on how to deal with sexual harassment at work.

Dress Politely

Media often shows us with women who wear miniskirts to work. However, you cannot do this in real professional life. You have to always dress politely and conservatively. If you want to be treated professionally, dress like one.

Be Firm in Confronting the Harasser

When you smell that harassment is in the air, you can decide to confront and be firm with the harasser. You can say to them that you are not comfortable when they stare at you like that or something else as long as they get the message.

Keep Records of the Incidents

If the harasser keeps doing the harassment after you confront him, be sure to keep records of all the details of the incidents in a sort of diary. You will need it as a proof when you report the person and his doings to your supervisor.

For Managers, Give Proper Punishments

Managers have to take immediate actions towards individuals like these because harassment can happen not only to women but men as well. Give proper punishments to make them wary of their wrong doings including salary decrease, firing, or mutation to other divisions.

Report and Reiterate the Policy

Reporting and reiterating the company’s policy regarding harassment can eventually make the employees think twice when they want to act inappropriately.

Set Boundaries

Your career is not a contest of popularity. You have to be careful on how you behave and say things at work. Harassment is not just physical, it is also verbal. Only you can set boundaries for people on how they should treat you. Be wise.

Pay More Attention to Them

It is very likely that a harasser is an insecure individual. By paying more attention to them such as giving them compliments and praising them for their work or hobby, they will definitely not have the time to think and act about unnecessary things to gain people’s attention.

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