Do you ever find yourself suspicious of a talent, but you’re not sure how to uncover the truth? If you want to find the best talent for the job, you have to pay attention to how and what a candidate is telling you. Here’s how:

  1. Put them to a test

When a candidate boasts impressive achievements (that could be suspicious), be sure to go fishing for the truth by asking very specific questions. For example:

Claim: “I am good with Go”

Your reply: “That’s great, so if we have a coding test in Go – that would be fine wouldn’t it?”

  1. Timely excuses can be very telling

When a candidate comes out with a very timely excuse (which is often very dramatic) for why they can’t attend an interview, it is definitely a reason to be wary.

  1. What’s missing?

Do the dates on their CV add up, or is there a considerable unexplained gap? Do vital pieces of educational details are missing, such as A Levels, or their final degree grade?

  1. Research their social media

If a candidate is claiming that the role that you are managing is “all they’ve ever wanted to do,” make sure you check their LinkedIn bio and see if these match. Even if there’s nothing unusual, it’s still worth checking their social media accounts, perhaps to see about their job hunt, or their true attitude towards your position.

  1. Bonus: Give them a chance!

If after interviewing a great candidate you still suspect they’ve been less than 100 percent honest, ask them. Let them know that you plan to check out their resumes and references and would like to know if there’s anything that won’t line up. Giving candidates the chance to come clean gets you the real story and shows you that when it comes down to it, you can count on them to be truthful.

Most of the time when a candidate is being dishonest, it’s only slight exaggerations. No one but a real brain surgeon is going to walk into a job interview and claim to be one. It’s more likely that a candidate rounded up their years of experience to five when it was really four years and three months.