Employers have lots of things to do in their hands. Taking that into account, it’s understandable if companies ask for help from professional headhunters to aid them in avoiding hiring mistakes. Sometimes, no matter how much conscientious your recruitment process is, unsuitable people often slip through the net.

How do you avoid hiring mistakes? Below are few common hiring mistakes recruiters made, explained.

#1 You don’t do background check

There’s a lot of possibilities stated in resignation letters. Were the managers incapable of managing their team? Is there any problem with candidate’s past company environment? Or is it because the company is unable to fulfill said candidate’s requirements, as they fail to handle their employee obligations?

Similarly, was the employee’s contract terminated in a good term or the opposite? Do a thorough research about your potential employees before deciding to hire them

#2 You’re focusing too much on the technical requirements

‘Suitable fit’ is a good way to assess candidates’ during an interview. However, focusing too much in ticking the checklist could be a dangerous boomerang for your company.

When you deem a candidate as unsuitable based on simple gestures, it might be due to the snap judgment you developed for them. Thus, you need to observe the candidates carefully. Never judge them based on the small interview mistakes they made or because they don’t tick all the boxes. They might be those A-players with high potential to shine.

#3 You rely on the interview too much

Do you know that the typical interview process increases the possibility to hire the best candidates only less than 2%?

Every candidate will tell you what they want to hear during an interview because they want the job. Therefore, they will do their best to present themselves, regardless the truth of their qualifications.

The majority of managers, too often, don’t prepare for an interview beforehand (which specifically tailored for the position). Instead, they developed a scoring system by determining the ideal answers to questions.

Interviews are good for avoiding hiring mistakes, particularly to ensure how well the chemistry  is between the candidates and you, the employer. Hence, you shouldn’t make the decision whether you will hire them based on the interview alone.

#4 You dismissed the reference check

You think you’ve found a suitable fit. They have the skills, aced their interview, and looked very confident in the recruitment process overall. But little did you know that some of these candidates might be trying to hide the dark past in their lives.

There are a plenty of cases where candidates presented false information in their resume application. You might want to make the extra effort and check the references. That way, you’ll save yourself from unnecessary frustration caused by simple hiring mistakes.

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