Employees need to be developed no matter what type of company you run. This is one of the most important things you can do to show that you value your top workers. This also shows that as an employer you want to retain them to work for you. However, conducting employee development is often very expensive. As a consequence, many companies, especially small businesses, are often confused on how to develop their employees with minimum budget. Here are some creative ways you can do to develop your employees which are not too costly.

Allow Your Employees to Shadow You For a Time

It is a free and easy way to let your employees and subordinates gain more knowledge. By letting them shadow all your work activities for a time, you also encourage them to be a quick learner. This is quite challenging for them, and when employees get challenged they will be willing to stay.

Delegate Some New Jobs for Them

You can train your subordinates by simply delegating your works to them for a certain amount of time. Think of this as a special project you want them to learn to handle. It can also build strong mutual trust between employers and employees. When employees feel trusted, they will stay.

Ask Questions and Give Feedback

Weekly employee meetings can also be turned into a chance for more learning. Instead of just asking them to report their work progresses, you can also test them with other questions regarding the work. Be creative with the questions. Give them constructive feedback as well thus they can perform better at their tasks.

Manage Cross Training Program

Let your employees figure out how to train each other in cross-departmental settings. This will help them to learn solid teamwork and also create a sense of mutual trust between your employees more. It is also fun to make a change from the routine once in a while by conducting this type of activity.

Initiate Them to Think of Key Project to Improve Company

You can ask your employees to give input on what type of projects that the company can do next. This project should be able to improve the company. This kind of method will develop your employee’s creative business skills to determine impactful opportunities ahead.

Assign a Formal Mentor to Share Knowledge and Skills

Another way to develop your employees is by simply assigning experienced people from any sources you trust to mentor your employees. They will definitely appreciate the chance you give to learn more new things to develop their skills.

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