As you’re gleefully completing your 4-year course of study, people will often ask what you want to do next. You, still unsure, answered that you’re still figuring it out.

It hits you like a bag of confetti when you realize that you might choose the wrong major in college. Perhaps you chose that major to increase your employability for its future job prospects.

Thus, you don’t want to pursue this as a career. But reality creeps in and you started to worry that the years spent on studying in college would go to waste.

Getting a job different from your major? Worry not, there are tricks to overcome the major and job mismatch.

It’s skills that matter

Your field of study doesn’t really matter. Unless you’re aiming for a specific career (e.g law or medicine), you don’t need a business degree to become an entrepreneur, nor you should major in design to become a top-notch graphic designer.

Soft skill matters, your future boss are looking for those with problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and communication skills rather than your field of study.


How to Make Getting a Job Different from Your Major Possible

Explore new things, you’ll never know if you’re interested in graphic design after you took the time to craft logos in Corel Draw. Allocate your free time to try new things. Make sure that you’re trying new things as the way to find your purpose. Explore, don’t wander.

If you’re not fond of what you’ve tried, never see that as a waste of time. At least you know it doesn’t suitable for you. It’ll bring you closer to the things you love.

Hone your skills

After figuring out what you love, discover the skill set needed for the job.  For example, for front-end jobs, you’ll need to know about JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, and CSS Frameworks.

List them all separate it into two sections, the ones you have and haven’t. Cultivate your skills in both sections. This can be achieved through books, courses, webinars, even simple Google search will do.

Work experience is important, too

Technical skills are needed to tackle a new field. But where to start?

You can try taking internships, partaking in organizations, or volunteering in causes of your interest. Do you know it’s more powerful than your major choice in the resume? Better yet, it qualifies you for the ‘x year of experience’ requirement on job vacancies!

How to Make Getting a Job Different from Your Major Possible

Expand your network

You can start by participating in volunteer activities and internships or even reaching out to people that you admire. A solid network will always be an advantage. How will they know that you’re amazing if they don’t know who you are?

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