These days, the young generation called the millennials are starting to dominate workplaces. Managers may even get a team of all millennials to manage. Managing them can be a tricky thing because it can be said that they are not really loyal employees. Therefore, in order to retain millennials for a long time, you need to apply the right managerial techniques. Now, how can you manage them?

Give Them a Certain Vision to Achieve

Millennials will not be loyal to a company for a long time unless they are given a certain vision to work for. They love to work for a cause or a mission. They do not like to work without any purpose they can see beforehand.

Provide Mentoring Support for Employees and Managers

Managers have the power to either build or destroy the organization they lead.  When they have great managers they can definitely shine because they are really thirsty for more knowledge as well as learning new things.

Create Open Space Work Environment

Technology and collaboration are two inseparable things from their life. Therefore, a workplace that applies an open space concept and has strong technological orientation is very attractive for them.

Let Them Have Balance of Life and Work

They hate overworking. Provide them with a balance of life and work. They will surely appreciate it.

Engage Them Often in Career Growth Talks

They do not fear change. Engage more talks about career growth opportunities within your organization. They love to grow as a professional.

They Are Thirsty for Approval

Millennials love getting recognition for what they do. Spoil their needs of approval and see the difference it can make for your organization. They will be more productive that way.

Have Strong Company Culture

Money is not the main motivation for millennials. They are interested in a company who has an attractive and flexible culture that is in line with their values and lifestyle.

Provide Challenges

They love challenges. Give them what they need. They will not feel bored and think about leaving the company you lead.

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