People are the driving force of a business. They are what you need to keep your business running. Finding and hiring the right people for the right positions will help your business grow even bigger. Therefore, many companies started using an MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) to choose the right candidates. However, it is time to stop using this test to choose your candidates. Here are seven reasons why.

The Test Cannot Tell if A Person is Perfect for Certain Position

This test will basically put people into 16 different personality categories. The problem with using this in hiring is that people will start to think that no other types can occupy a certain position better than specific types as stated in the test, while, In fact, people can excel for different reasons.

Using The Test for Hiring is Unethical

The test will put people, whether you like it or not, into “boxes” and that candidates should take the test voluntarily. Therefore, it is really unethical to use, especially since the test is a “must” in hiring candidates for your business in the first place.

Test May Be Flawed

When you ask the candidates to fill the test, there is always a possibility that they will fill it with answers that can satisfy you as the employer in order to be selected for the job. It may not be the real representation of their personalities at all.

It Can Eliminate Potentially Great Candidates

This test may eventually eliminate great candidates because of these potentially flawed results. You may miss better candidates for certain positions.

Privacy Risk and Discrimination

By taking the test, the employer tries to identify each candidate thoroughly. That is why there is a risk of privacy and discrimination may arise after the results of the test are out.

Simplifying Human Psychology

We know that every human being is not so simple that they can be put into certain types. However, MBTI test tries to do just that by categorizing humans into these 16 types. It cannot really dig deep into a person’s real character.

Expensive and Promote Biased Judgment

MBTI test is very expensive. The results may not be accurate. Moreover, the test will make people start stereotyping certain characters with certain positions.

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