Every one of your employees has different characters. Therefore, they respond differently to their work environment. There may be problems that are caused by some of these employees you hire and often times each problematic case with the employees has so many challenges to tackle which makes handling them not an easy task. However, there are several strategies that you can actually practice to deal with these problematic individuals. Here are some of the strategies to handle problematic employees effectively.

Listen With Full Attention

You need to listen to what your problematic employee is going to say about his problems. It often gets difficult for the managers because they do not stop to listen. They think they know the problem, but they don’t.

Note Key Points Down

When you meet a difficult employee, it is really important to note down what the problems are with that particular employee. Managers who do not have written proof often have a hard time dealing with the issues because they do not take notes of them accordingly.

Keep What You Know to Yourself

After the problematic employee tells you his problems or after you have taken notes for it, it is wise to keep it to yourself. Only deal with the person in particular and do not bad mouth the problematic one to your other teammates. It will eventually create toxic situation for your entire team.

Face The Problem

As a manager sometimes you have to be smart to know when to use your head or your heart when dealing with the problematic employee. This one comes with enough practice. Counsel him privately so that you do not end up embarrassing him in front of the others. Discuss a mutual solution with the person.

Monitor The Changes

When the consultation is done, you need to always monitor the problematic employee from time to time. Take certain time to do this before you decide to evaluate him again for further consultation.

Create a Follow-Up Plan

The plan may consist of consequences when the employee does not change his behavior or solve his problems. Discuss this with your HR division or perhaps you can collaborate with them in creating the plan.

When at Your Wit’s End

Sometimes, you may not be able to solve the problems and may require the help of professional in psychology. Since this problem is out of your hands, you can consider about terminating the problematic employee from the team.

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