Perhaps it’s safe to say that recruiters have one of the most stressful jobs. They shoulder the responsibility to hire the best employees for a company, which plays a big role in the company’s longevity itself.

Recruiters nowadays have to think smarter and more strategical to attract and retain the best talents.

So what differentiates stellar recruiters with the mediocre ones? That’s what you’ll know after you finish reading this post.

Successful Recruiters Follow Up with Candidates

We’ve been there, experiencing that frustrating feeling after an interview due to lack of feedback the from the recruiters to our application.

Do we pass? Or we don’t?

Successful recruiters understand this. They understand that employer’s brand is the key to attracting great talents, and candidates’ experience is an important element.

Hence why following up is important. Candidates will become hostile if they are left with uncertainty for too long, and it may scare future candidates away.

They Source from Multiple Channels

Successful recruiters stay above the curve, they leverage multiple channels as their talent pool, encouraging employee referral, and ensure they check every possible channel before hiring someone.

Because contrary to the popular belief, not every top talent stands in the spotlight. Sometimes they’re like a needle in a haystack.

They’re Responsive

They respond openly and clearly to every talent’s questions. Moreover, they’re answering with a friendly tone. Your candidates will confide in you, knowing their inquiries will be responded as quickly as possible.

They Collaborate with Others

Successful recruiters value others’ opinion, hence why they often discuss opinion and exchanging idea with the managers.

They do this to have a thorough understanding about what kind of candidate the managers is looking for. This will make their tasks easier in finding suitable talents for the company.

Successful Recruiters Personalize Their Communication

They amplify the standard communication method with a more personal touch. Successful recruiters speak their thoughts clearly, but sincerely.

Why? Because their main goal is to communicate the company’s brand to candidates effectively.
Thus, even when the candidates dismissed their offer, there’s a chance they will refer someone they know instead.

Given these points above, how many traits of successful recruiter apply to you?

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