When we talk about gender equality at the workplace, this is a topic that is very debatable. There are still many discriminative things happening at the workplace such as harassment, bullying, and gender-based violence. However, we can still create a stable and equal work environment for the greater good of all professionals. Here are several tips we can practice to create a better workplace.

Create Inclusive Culture

You can eventually make core values in your organization including bans for all sorts of discriminative things. Moreover, you can also conceive team building activities to engage your team members. All is to make a more friendly work environment.

Establish Certain Schedule

It is wise to set schedule for every kind of business you have so that you can always have employees you need on site. Remember that your employees may have emergency regarding their family to take care of. Promote equality by allowing them not to sacrifice family for work.

Get Some Management Training Going

Managers can build or destroy a company. Therefore, it is important for them to update their management skills by joining seminars or training. Later on, they can share and apply these skills to create a more comfortable workplace for both men and women.

Treat People Equal But Not The Same

Managers need to treat their employees in an equal manner based on their situations. This does not mean that you have to say yes to every request from all of your employees. Approve their requests based on the urgency and priority levels of each situation.

Reward Performance Not Time Spent at Work

Assess your employees’ performance and reward them accordingly based on the output and results they can contribute, not the hours spent at the workplace. Employees may have the same amount of working hours, but some can produce more work than the others. Be equal on this.

Start With the Top

Conducts cross-departmental studies to research the current culture in the company and consider a change in the top command chain. Discuss this gender equality with everyone at the workplace in a casual open situation. No one should take this personally.

Promote Blind CV for Screening Process

You can also remove names from CVs and leave only education and work experience history when you are conducting screening for employees. It will promote equality because you choose candidates based on their skills.

Pay Equally

This is the most important tip in promoting equality at the workplace. Pay women and men, at the same position, with an equal amount of payment.

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