A leader is someone who can be a person we can look up to in any situations because they have good qualities. However, if it is good, there will always be the counterpart of it. Good leaders will make good leadership and bad leaders vice versa. Therefore, when you decide to work you should also consider whether the leader can really bring out good leadership. Here are several of the warning signs which you can see to know that your leader might have bad leadership.

Spending Not Enough Time With Employees

Bad leadership happens when the one in charge happens to spent not enough time with his people. Therefore, the people who work for him will sometimes get lost without enough guidance from their leader. This is a definitive sign which you need to look out.

The Leader is Too Bossy

Someone who can only order around people who work for him without giving enough support or supervisions cannot be a good leader. Leadership is all about the willingness to participate and work together with the people you lead to achieving a common goal. Therefore, when you see a sign that your boss is way too bossy, consider other work options.

Lacking in Empathy

A good leader always treats all people with respect. This is because they ultimately understand that their people are the ones they need to make the company better. They never badmouth or lower others’ self-esteem. They understand that every person has their own capacity and is willing to mentor them to bring out their full potential.

Do Not Have Work and Life Balance

Someone who cannot manage their time effectively will never become a good leader. People who have good management of time will seldom work themselves over time unless it is really necessary. If they cannot manage time, how can they manage people?

Never Have What It Takes to Embrace Change

A business will always offer challenges and changes. Surely a change is sometimes a scary thing. However, a leader who cannot be flexible enough to embrace the ups and downs in their business will be left behind.

Does Not Possess Humility

The leader is also a human being who needs assistance sometimes. However, a bad leader will always think that they can do it all. They also think that delegating the tasks they can handle themselves is just a burden. Therefore, as a result, their subordinates may feel insecure and trapped because they are underdeveloped.

Bad Judgment of Others’ Characters

A good leader knows the true color of someone’s character before hiring him to join his team. He knows that a solid team starts from choosing the right people. However, the bad leader never seems to know how to surround themselves with the right people.

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