Your employees are your assets. This statement may be true in the sense of business. Moreover, you may have heard some tips on how to be a more effective manager. However, being an effective manager does not always mean that you can connect with your employees in a genuine way as, for instance, with your family members. Therefore, here are some ways to connect with your employees and break down the rigidity of what professional life may bring.

Relate To and Do Not Act Superior Around Them

Many leaders show the tendency for their want to be respected from their subordinates. Eliminate this mindset from your head now and try to relate to your subordinates. Sharing your inspiring stories with them can be a way.

Care for Their Personal Life

Your employees are humans too who have a personal life. Stop viewing them as your machines. A simple question like asking how they are doing can be an opening for you to genuinely create lively conversations with them outside work matters.

Make Time for Them

There are times when your subordinates want to talk to you about other things other than work. It is okay to have talks beside work matters. Give them the chance and listen closely to show that you do care for them.

Be Honest and Transparent

Give honest feedback to your employees when they need them. It does not necessarily mean that you are mean to them. Your capability to deliver the hard truth to everyone in the team will actually bring better results. This can also mean a lot to your employees as a good example.

Stay Aware of Your Set Expectations

All the things you do to show that you care will go to waste when you are not aware of your expectations for them. Set only realistic expectations unless you want to let the morale of your team down gradually.

Create Safe Environment

‘Safe’ here means that managers should treat employees with respect. Never try to control your employees or subordinates with fear, bullying, or other negative things. They will eventually perform less and less long term when you incite fear into your leadership style.

Conceive Flexible Work Organization

Some companies may still put emphasis on rigid organizational structure. This, however, may not work best if what you want is retaining good employees for a long time. Create lean work organization structure and give your employees authority over their work is the better choice to implement these days.

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