“Good employees quit their managers, not companies.” they said.

There’s always a reason behind an act. It could be a solid reason — such as personal reasons. But there are also internal reasons that made them run off from your company.
It’s crucial to listen to your employees’ needs, after all, your team is the core strength of your business.

Understanding what make them stay is understanding the reasons why they leave. Below are 4 common reasons why good employees quit.

Good Employees Quit Because They’re Overworked

Why Good Employees Quit? 4 Common Reasons Why They Do

In startups or corporations, if the employees are happy, they will love to contribute and eventually produce more. However, giving them more work than they can handle is often misinterpreted as giving challenges outside their comfort zone.

A high stress level & exhaustion from overworking is likely to suffocate them. No one will stay if they feel suffocated. You need to compensate them more if you want them to do more for you.

They’re Not Recognized or Appreciated

This one is very simple but needs to be emphasized more. Humans are social beings. Thus we need appreciation. Appreciation doesn’t always mean money or facilities.

Why Good Employees Quit? 4 Common Reasons Why They Do

Never underestimate the power of  a heartfelt “thank you”, “good job” or simple gestures like a pat on the back. Listen to what they have to say instead of jumping into conclusion.

It does wonders, especially for self-motivated employees.

Donn Carr once said, “It is much too easy to take their drive for granted – don’t.”

They’re on Stagnancy

Why Good Employees Quit? 4 Common Reasons Why They Do

Let’s face it. Talented employees are mostly creative. Even if they are not, no one likes to stick with the same point in their career without a clear vision where they are going to.

Good employees quit when they can’t pursue things they’re passionate about. To avoid this, you need to listen & observe. Give them challenges that will fulfill their passionate needs with a clear career path.

Talented employees need to know they’re heading somewhere better and grow professionally in the process.

You’ll never know what they will bring to the table when you let them do so.

They’re Engaged in Apathetic (and Competitive) Culture

Why Good Employees Quit? 4 Common Reasons Why They Do

Competitiveness is a good trait. A sense of competition in the workforce is good. Having a good and healthy rivalry keeps you motivated.

But competitiveness and apathy combined? Not really.

Company’s culture plays a big role on whether good employees quit or stay. If your own office feels like surviving to not become the bottom of the food chain, they’ll be busy trying to survive rather than doing their best.

Good employees quit with a reason. They will stay if they feel happy, contented & appreciated. Remember, good employees quit bad managers, not bad companies.

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